2 months of Fin + Min, 19 yrs Male


  • 1mg Fin daily
  • Min once daily (hairline only)

Treatment has actually been a little under two months. Probably closer to 26-ish days. I had to wait for the fin prescription to go through after derm appointment. I dermarolled 3 times and only used Nizoral twice so I didn't add them to the routine as I felt they weren't important due to such sparring usage.

I'm happy with the results so far. Hairline definitely needs work though. Hoping it will fill in more with time.

Side Effects:

Finasteride: I got side effects the instant I took my first tablet. I definitely felt something strange going on in the nether regions, but looking back, I think my intense anxiety of sides provoked a nocebo made it much worse. I waited 3 days (until libido bounced back), and restarted at .25mg daily. No sides. Increased to .5mg daily. No sides. Increased to 1mg daily. No sides. Have been on 1mg since with no issues.

Minoxidil: No side effects.


If you are noticing balding of any sort, hop on finasteride immediately. DON'T WAIT AND LET IT GET WORSE. You will regret this immensely. Worst-case scenario, you get temporary side effects or it doesn't work for you.

Nizoral isn't worth purchasing in my opinion. It made my hair look and feel like absolute shit. It severely dries your hair and makes it look frizzy. If you really want ketoconazole shampoo, go research and find something of higher quality. I think the regrowth factor is rather infinitesimal and serves primarily for peace of mind.

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