2 months in and life is good

Premature ejac >>>> PIED trust me man i have had both. PIED means sex isnt even happening. Premature ejac does give them an ego boost at the beginning but of course it will get old fast. The trick that worked for me was having lots of sex and doing HIIT exercises. lots of sex will get you use to it and desensitize you and you will start to realize how to control it. Breathing exercises and being calm was the most helpful. But at the end of the day the most important is communicating with your partner and letting them know what issues you are dealing with and that you are actively overcoming them and you need their help. My first girlfriend took my virginity and i would climax instantly but we would go at it 3 times and day. once we even did 7 times in a row. then i got use to it and i went from lasting 1-3 minutes to 7-10 minutes and by month 3 i was lasting 20-30 minutes easy. The we broke up and i started dating a super gorgeous girl and it started all over again. the problem was that she was very turned off by premature ejac and it bored her. so thats why i say to communicate what your problem is and if they are willing to be with you as you are.

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