[2 Solutions - Infernal] Rival Domains HM Farming - Apr. 4 2019 (No Galeforce - F2P - 2 Turns - 3 Units - 4★/5★)

⇊ Units used, details & music (Please read before asking anything!) ⇊

Note: Remember that they can be different units, as long as they serve the same purpose.

Units used in method 1:

4★ Valentines Titania (Slot 7):

Weapon: Fire

B: Pass 2

A 2-ranged unit with Wings of Mercy 1 (Slot 2)

Units used in method 2:

5★ Naesala (Slot 7):

Weapon: Hatchling

A: Defense +2

Sacred Seal: Distant Defense 3

He has to have 26 Def and 32 Res (visible), it doesn't matter where you get them.

A dancer/singer with Wings of Mercy 1 (Slot 8).

Units used in both methods:

A unit with Fortify Res 2 (Slot 6)

4★ Garon (Slot 5):

Weapon: Fire Breath

B: Escape Route 1

The other units are the ones that you want to farm HM, they must be level 40 (to get max HM) and have nothing equipped (and I mean nothing, unless needed).

Sorry for taking so long, the app I use was being dumb and I spent way too much time trying to make the second solution work, it's not great, but I hope it helps someone without Pass.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I'll do what I can to help.

You can check on this later if you're having trouble, as I'm constantly updating it.

Music used:

Persona 2: Innocent Sin OST - Best Girl Theme (Yukino Theme)

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