2 white pitbulls busted down my 6ft fence and killed my cat several years ago

Thank you for your kind words.

I don't know how to upload pictures on Reddit and I don't like my personal info out there with Imgur (it wants me to put my phone number) so I uploaded the last picture of Finn that I have (taken 2 days before his death) on ibb. https://ibb.co/7bRQVHJ Here is a photo of the part of the fence that they broke down to get to Finn: https://ibb.co/Jj6x6Lg

You can clearly see how they busted through. I'm mostly posting this as a warning to the apologists who think that simply getting high fences is enough. It's not. There are videos on this sub showing pitbulls busting through fences. If there are known pits in your area and you have pets or small children, invest in metal gates. Wood is not enough.

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