2-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shoots and Kills His Mother Inside Idaho Wal-Mart

Gun control is irrelevant to this situation which is why you may have been initially downvoted, this wasn't a case of failed gun control policy, it was a failure of a parent to secure her weapon.

As an American I find it baffling that you guys find it strange that we don't adopt similar laws to Europe when our entire nation was founded because people didn't like European policies at the time not to mention the geographical differences makes it hard to enforce sweeping legislation. What might make sense in gun control policy in New York might not make any sense in rural areas with wild life. It's the reason why we allowed states the right to govern their areas with their own laws so long as they don't violate the constitution.

It is staggering the lack of ability to see a difference in severity between guns and knives.

Because its irrelevant to the conversation. Banning guns is essentially an attempt to ban evil, the reason why we feel safe walking around normal people with concealed weapons is the reason why we feel safe say crossing the road in front of thousand pound pieces of metal. A gun is a tool, just like many other tools it can be abused or cause serious damage if mishandled it doesn't command the user.

Gun ownership also falls under the right to pursue happiness, its the reason why we let people binge on Mcdonalds till they balloon up to 400lb's and die of a heart attack at 40. It's not pretty but its real freedom, to pursue whatever you want so long as you don't hurt another or violate laws and shooting is one of them. Even if you can't believe it or see it shooting is a very beloved hobby which is why people get defensive. I don't see the merits in Golf, I find it a pointless sport with no teamwork that requires a ridiculous amount of land for a small group of players. But I'm not going to cite its arbitrary nature or ask golf enthusiasts to defend their hobby to me if someone decided to beat another person to death with a golf club.

Gun control isn't failing us, in fact shooting deaths and violent crime have been in a steady decline, the only reason it seems crazy especially to Europeans is because of confirmation bias, shooting deaths accidental or not are rare and are controversial so naturally it's ripe fruit for media, you'll hear about pretty much every shooting that occurs because its also not that frequent. You're far more likely statistically to die of a car accident, but even the most serious car accident is rarely ever going to make it past local news.

it is failing your country. Citation needed.

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