20 days NC, For those who Can't see themselves this far yet.

dude, it's almost like we're dating the same girl. lol. similar situation with my ex. I did everything and made sure she had no worries in the relationship. the problem with women, especially younger girls is you become common. NC is best and after awhile even if she dates someone else she'll look back on it and reach out. Been in NC for 3 weeks now and even when we had to meet up for returning belongings she'd have an ice cold attitude. the difference is that at 3 wks of NC i'm not over it, but not as emotionally drained as i was at time of BU or the 1-2 weeks after. i know my ex-GF will come back too. i had a feeling once i started seeing other girls she's telepathically sense it. lol. after having sex with a new girl after our BU, a chance meet to return some insignificant stuff turned into a lunch date and her BFF calling me to "check-in" on how i was doing.

you did the right thing by treating her right. some girls just aren't ready for that. i had an ex-GF for college who i hadn't spoken to in 12 years reach out t. she's single, much older now and lonely as hell. she spoke about regret and how she'd love for us to rekindle things... way too late. i felt pity for her but i was over it. my latest ex-GF is a lot smarter and I figure she'll be back in a few months. if I'm still single I might consider her - she's the best GF i've had in my life. the problem is we're both alpha's and hide our emotions. i've been dying since the BU but when we speak or chat we're both putting on a mask of uncaring. obviously, she's hiding it better than me - unless i interpret her acting coldly as her way of dealing with this being emotionally difficult for her as well.

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