20 F4A University rules! Again!

F good to see another post. I want to run two ideas by you.
permanent rule: don't wear clothes that go between your thighs I.e shorts, underwear, trousers, tights etc.
challenge (physical/long): fit in 3150 squats in the first 9 weeks, while wearing the kegel trainer or egg vibe whichever is going to excite without orgasm. Full squats please. That's an average of 50 a day, not required in one go but you must track and report daily. The punishment for not meeting the 3150 by week 9 could be to fit in 350 self spanks with an implement like a wooden spoon within the last week or 30 reps of deepthroating one vibe/dildo while fucking the other? To make the challenge more up your street, do the squats outside or at a gym where you're clearly visible to others.
challenge (sexual/1 week): write 20 sentences a day for the first week about various sex scenarios and fantasies, one per 20 sentences, you would imagine when masturbating. Edge over the new and the previous one then post it here and descrbe how turned on it makes you.
Opinions? Too boring? Not actually challenging? When are you starting following rules?

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