20 [M4F] Lets be a support for each-other until we are single

Ah! First of all it has 1 point at this moment so I don't understand what make you think this post has been down voted to shit.

And I don't understand what make you think I am planning of using a girl. I am honest about my expectations. I am giving her the same offer. So are not she going to enjoy whatever activities we are going to do?

I think you missed a sentence

Or if we were lucky, we will fall in love with each-other and get into real LDR. But I am not very optimist about it.

Do you know why I write this. Because nobody in this fucking world dreams of LDR, making friends online. People choose online because they had bad luck in real life. And because of peoples living in different countries, LDR are not so much fun. Other than this I used the word "lucky". It means I will consider myself if both of us get fall in love with each-other. According to you shouldn't I have used the word "unlucky"? Because according to you I am planning of using her. So basically the truth I want to fall in love with the girl I met here but I just want to force anything on her because again nobody dreams of having LDR. And if we are failed in falling in love, atleast we can be close friends.

BTW What are you again to say if suppose the girl found her SO earlier than me and then message me and say "I want to keep friendship platonic from now because I am engaged now". So are you going to say that she used me?

You want to know what is truth? Truth is you are sexist. I gave her exact same offer as I am getting. Neither I am forcing someone to fall in love, neither I am guaranteeing a commitment at this moment. If you don't know I should tell you forever alone girls also miss flirting, sex as much as we guys miss. But if a girl have made such a post, your words will be "poor miserable girl". Since I am a guy you words are "cheap pervert who is planning of using a girl"

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