20 states just raised the minimum wage. It wasn’t enough: "The work that we do, it’s modern-day slavery," says one Florida worker who just got a 12-cent raise.

Good stuff.

Living wage subsidies provided by tax dollars should not subsidize profits for billionaires. Walmart shouldn't hand out food stamp forms when you are hired while making billions in profits. That's bullshit.

However, a word of advice to someone struggling with poverty.

There are opportunities for advancement in almost any medium/large corporate business as long as you have a high school diploma. The problem is most people are lazy, don't give a fuck, and are convinced they are actually the good employees when they aren't. They walk around work bitching and moaning about how the job is so terrible and difficult. Woe is me! If you spend that time being positive, working your ass off, never EVER EVER bitching/complaining, and proving your value you will advance.

I've worked in a lot of restaurants and most of the workers spend their time CONSTANTLY bitching about it being too busy. This seems to be a very consistent theme in the industry. It makes absolutely no sense though. The busier the restaurant the more money you and the restaurant both make. The more restaurant makes the more likely it is to expand. The more money you personally make for the restaurant the more likely it is you who gets promoted when expansion happens. This is because you provide more value to the company. Who are the people who get the promotions in that industry? It's consistently the people who lead in sales. The ones who provide the most value.

It's not the easiest route out of poverty, but that route does indeed exist. It's great to blame society (which probably is at fault to some degree), but that's not going to actually pull you out of poverty. Hell, even McDonalds has good opportunities for advancement. If you bust your ass at a McDonalds full of lazy ass people every single day you will make it out of there eventually. If you know your current minimum wage job is a dead end, find a different minimum wage job that isn't no matter what it takes.

Good Luck

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