200 IQ play

Couple of reasons:

  1. You can always do it later. It's one mana.
  2. You need it for tempo. A bit of a vague term for the uninitiated, but it means you gain initiative. If you can use the Claw to clear a minion, that minion will stop doing repeated damage and won't be able to get good trades on your minion. This one mana card could also kill a two mana minion, giving you a mana advantage if you're able to spend the rest of your mana efficiently.
  3. You'd be down a card. More cards = more options. Options are great.
  4. There could be synergy to increase its value. Use it with a [[Hench Clan Thug]] and it gains +1/+1. You can upgrade your [[Jasper Spellstone]]. You could draw a card with [[Gadgetzan Auctioneer]]. Etc.
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