I make 200k a year. I have no friends and haven’t been on a date in the past 8 years. I think of killing myself constantly. Recently I went on a date and it made me remember why I stopped trying to go on them.

His name has 1977 which would mean he’s in his mid 40’s. I’m not in my forties nor am I in this situation, but I’ve been there feeling like no girl wants you, personally i believe it was because I was pretty overweight and I never really made any effort to get status or went out of my way to give myself more opportunities/increase my attractiveness. The main issue was I was unattractive to girls in general physically, but that physical unattractiveness likely lead to less positive reactions overall from all but my closest friends and family. After I fixed that it was a bit easier and then I started feeling better looking in the mirror and not being like “damn I need to do something” and instead thought, “holy shit! You look kind of handsome today” until you experience a semblance of things turning around it can be almost impossible to see the way out of one’s current situation. Also he mentions a bumble date going poorly, in your 40s the high quality interesting women are either recently divorced, Married, have kids, or are otherwise looking for far more highly marketable males if they use tinder at all, I’m talking multiple orders of magnitude. I’m not sure how people in their 40’s meet but I’m sure as hell it’s nothings going to help other than getting A. Fit B. A social life of any kind that’s consistent and provides good practice socially, implying OP is not literally mentally capable of improving his social skills. C. If you do actually want to search for girls your age and not pull a classic creepy 40’s guy at the college bar, don’t just take my advice, research this topic extensively, form a plan to improve yourself to the point where you can say your proud and feel better than average.

Overall once you’ve done these things, implying your an average looking guy and are willing to put in the effort to make yourself as marketable as possible you likely won’t have to try much to get girls as they will see that you’re successful and worth giving the time and heart to. While going out and getting girls sounds simple/a bit intimidating, I’ve had the most success with opportunities that fell into my lap and every time I went out to bars with the express intention of hooking up it never worked but when I was just hanging around talking to friends/just enjoying dancing people noticed and wanted to partake.

Best I can offer OP, but other commenters are mentioning what I think, which is that OP believes there is some magic solution to his suicidal thoughts and despite his 200k salary a life that is likely not entirely stable.

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