In 2012 NATO claimed they burned the Qur'ans in Afghanistan because the Taliban used them to to pass messages in. This leaked email however shows the real reason was because they contained Salafi Tafsir from Saudi Arabia.

Wahhabi oriented charities and Madrases in Saudi Arabia have been well funded by the Saudi Royal Family and the more Radical Clerics have purchased professional book printing equipment and have printed Qurans that as you already know have adulterated or bastardized the solemn text of the orthodox writings and have supplemented radical sayings to attack Jews, Israel, and Infidels including Americans. Instead of going public with our leadership looking incredibly stupid and contrite before the Afghan People and Arab Language Press outlets, I would suggest that we be brutally honest that someone in Saudi Arabia committed blasphemy, re authored the Quran in such a way as if someone thought they were smarter than Allah. That the United States regarded this as an unholy abomination and decided to burn it as it should because after all this was an unholy propaganda tool for extremists. You say this, and they will accept that, rather than we merely screwed up one more time!

Sound familiar? The exact same criticism we have heard time and time again about the Hilali-Khan translation of the Qur'an, the official English translation by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia doesn't just let anyone print Qur'ans.

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