In 2013 it cost $330,000 to grow a hamburger in the lab. They're soon expected to sell for $11.

Asking them to hold your hand through that research by implicitly accusing them of not knowing what they're talking about is dumb as fuck.

why should i just automatically assume you know what you're talking about? from what you've been saying nothing has given me evidence to think that you're knowledgeable on this topic. that's not an insult, by the way, that's just an observation. why do you think you know more than scientists and doctors and nutritionists? do you have a background in nutrition or health?

I can't imagine how brainwashed you must be to think that.

brainwashed by who for what reason? i think that because you provide no sources or citations for your claims and you resort to personal attacks instead of honestly arguing your point.

A lifetime of curiosity. Unlike you, pulling your information out of your ass and only seeking evidence to twist into your preferred perceptions rather than actually being curious about information of reality.

so... you admit you're just saying these things because you believe them to be true instead of having actual data or statistics? you state something and then expect yourself to be completely right and everybody to believe you because you've had "a lifetime of curiosity"? do you honestly not see how ridiculous that sounds?

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