This 2014 article about Cosby rape allegations holds up Louis C.K. as "today's reigning American dad...a champion of women's rights."

Dude what the fuck, that shit doesn't even sound that bad, it sounds like most days working as an EMT. My fucking Mum has seen way worst stuff living her life, and she doen't go using it it defend her favourite Comedian on Reddit when he sexually assaults someone (I don't actually know what happened I didn't hear about it, so if he *technically didn't or whaetever, I, you know, don't car).

There's probably literally bilions who have have seen more fucked up fucked up shit. I mean did you think about the person ODing? Their family? Probably not, because it sounds like you completely lack empathy and are a cunt. Keep it to yourself next time, totally uncool to throw it out there in a Reddit debabate like there's not milliions of kids in, I don't know then Dominican republic, seeing their families being killed by cartels or whatever.

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