2015: WHAT will you read and WHY??

First and foremost: Ulysses and Gravity's Rainbow because I need to stop putting them off.

Mostly I'd really just like to read as widely and ferociously as possible without looking back. I'm 18, 19 next year, and only in the last year and a half have I started reading classics/lauded books and expanding out of the bubble of authors I used to be enamoured with: Bret Easton Ellis, Chuck Palahniuk, etc. I still shudder when I think of the time I thought they were cutting edge and the best it got - I was 15/16, don't judge me.

Honestly though, I guess I'm just mesmerised by the sheer amount of good authors out there and terrified by my utter lack of time to experience them all in their fullest. I've grown over the last few years to detest how pseudo-elitist and close-minded I used to be. Some of my favourite works - Infinite Jest, Sirens of Titan, A Tale of Two Cities - are books I'd not have looked at twice a few years ago. Back then, opinions and tastes for me were bullet points - stationary, sterile and immovable - but now I realise they are more like living, breathing organisms that grow in tandem with their owners. That might sound obvious to some people but it was a complete epiphany for myself. It's cliche but life really is too short to cut yourself off from opportunities because of unfounded prejudices and an artificial sense of moral supremacy towards certain things you are, quite frankly, unknowledgeable about.

Some authors on the hit list this year: James Baldwin, Hermann Hesse, William Gaddis, Julio Cortázar, Renata Adler, Gilbert Sorrentino etc etc

TL;DR - Used to be close-minded and too content with the comfort of authors I knew I liked to take risks and experience what reading really had to offer me. I have a debt to myself and love of reading of many misguided teenage years that I'm still, happily, paying off.

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