It's 2016 and I want to set up a 16Mbps Token Ring Network. (Yes, I'm serious)

Hey TimeNotFound89:

So MOST IMPORTANTLY (ignoring the token ring cards you found), for your current home network, unless you are using old fashioned hubs, then ANY device capable of gigabit Ethernet speeds should be set that way in the device-manager properties for the network card (rather than using the default "auto-negotiate" settings.)

And in the meantime, while your new devices hit 1 Gbps speeds... any older device you have on the network, that uses older 10/100 Mbps, will just continue to use that lower speed (10/100), while your new devices race along.

So... your network should have BOTH 10/100 devices, and 1 Gbps speeds, coexisting at the SAME time.

In other words... the fact that you have some slow 10/100 devices on your Ethernet network should NEVER be allowed to prevent the newer devices from using the full gigabit capability of your network!

AGAIN... just to emphasize: you SHOULD have a home-network setup, so that ALL of the new computers are running at 1 Gigabit (1000 Mbps), while all of your old computers/devices run at a slow-poke 100 Mbps (which is 1/10th of a Gigabit) if that's all they can support.

So the 10/100 Mbps devices, and the 1 Gbps devices should all be coexisting happily on your network!

If that is not the case, then let us know, and we could probably give you info on how to achieve 1 Gigabit per second!

But ya... as for your main question about the Token-Ring cards you found...

damn that is pretty interesting! I too would have loved to find that! Even if you don't end up using them, then be sure to keep them, and who knows... perhaps a decade or two in the future, a museum will be knocking at your door!

I haven't go the faintest clue about the token ring boards... but I imagine your problem will be software drivers. Try googling the token ring board models you have, along with the word "drivers" and/or "software".

But don't hold your breath!

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