2018 World Championship / Final / Fnatic vs. Invictus Gaming / Game 2 Discussion

Just focusing on the jungle match up early, Ning pathed beautifully to avoid Lee Sin's early game strength. He took wraiths, which you can on Gragas, and full cleared his top red side knowing Lee would start bot side. This allowed the NIng to be on the opposite sides of the map and completely avoid Lee early. The early topside clear also allows Ning to get his early predator boots which allows him to have huge gank threat. He gives up both scuttles but makes up for the xp and gold by full clearing his camps, so that they respawn faster and the lack of scuttles means nothing, as Broxah gives up clearing his own jungle and doesn't allow them to spawn. This allows him to safely get into mid-late game where Gragas outscales and barring some huge out play by the Lee, contributes much more in team fights.

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