[2019-05-12] - /r/keto Beginners & Community Support Thread

Tried to submit my own post twice, got removed because i havent made a thread before even though i've been subscribed for over 2 years. So screw it. I'll just post it here.:

Hey guys, long time keto subscriber here. Haven't really posted on this subreddit much but i learned a lot from this place!

I'll keep it brief. About a year ago i started my Keto journey. I slowly started seeing the pounds go away and it felt like i was finally changing things for the better. I started wearing better clothing and took better care of myself. Something i wasn't used to at the time.

My original starting weight in June 2018 was 327 pounds. After 2 months that dropped down to 301 pounds. This january i hit my lowest point of 289 pounds. This was a big succes for me. I also started working out around that point in time to even boost my progress.

But, for some reason i started to care less for my health. I guess the confidence boost i had made me go over my head and cheat every now and then. That turned into cheating even more, and not going to the gym anymore. I just completely let myself go in a weird negative feedback fear loop of having to face reality.

As of today i'm back to 314 pounds. I'm not proud of it, but that's to be expected if you just completely don't give a shit anymore for almost half a year.

I don't know what to say, but i feel like i'm gonna be stuck in this loop for ever. How do you guys make sure you're staying on the right path? I've been a big guy all my life now and It's really hard to imagine me being something else at some point in time. For context, i'm 24 years old. I realize it's not the end but it will be if i keep this unhealthy dumb lifestyle up.

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