[2019-08-28] - /r/keto Beginners & Community Support Thread

Hi! I am a 5’8 female with a starting weight of 266.5. I started keto two months ago and dropped to 248.3 the first six weeks (so about -18.8 lbs). After week 7 I weighed and my weight had increased by 2 lbs. I wasn’t too concerned because I started my period that week and know that weight can fluctuate. To make up for it this past week, I exercised more and cut down on the amount of food was eating. I weighed in this morning and had gained another 3 lbs (so I’ve gained back a total of 5). I have no idea why I’m gaining weight so rapidly all the sudden. I’ve been cooking pretty much the same recipes from the start with the same brands of products. I’ve even been increasing my workouts since starting. I have not even had a bite of un-keto-friendly food so I’m not tempted. A 5 lb increase in two weeks is causing me to panic. Has anyone experienced this or have suggestions?

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