[2019-11-02] - /r/keto Beginners & Community Support Thread

I started keto 5 days ago. Today is the 6th day. During this time I didnt lose weight at all and stayed at the same weight. When I started looking for reasons what I'm doing wrong I read it may be eating too many carbs and/or protein or to little fat. This morning I wanted to try going strict by my marcos but found it very easy to consume fat without consuming either too much carbs or too much protein. Im a female and weigh 211 pounds and 5'5. By "my fitness pal" I should consume less than 1400 calories. 70% fat will be 104g. 25% protein will be 84 g and 5% carbs will be 17g. Even using net carb I still cant achieve these goals. My biggest problem is how to consume so much fat without eating that much protein. I live in Israel so pork is hard to reach. I do have pork chops sold somewhere but no bacon. This is an example for what I ate yesterday: Breakfast - 3 eggs, canned liver, 3 sardines, 6 olives, some green beans and one cucumber. Lunch- wasn't hungry Dinner- 3 chicken wings, ground beef in tomato sauce and mashed culiflower Day before that I ate 2 meals, each meal was 1 pork chop steak in butter and mashed culiflower. I need help with meal planning and how to consume my food according to my macros.

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