[2020-03-01] - /r/keto Beginners & Community Support Thread

Helloo! Thank you so much to anyone who takes the time to read this and sorry for the long paragraph! It really took a lot to be able to sit down and type this because I don't know where to start or how to say it. I'm new to learning about keto, Ive struggled my whole entire life with weight and have tried to lose weight countless times and failed. I get so discouraged and cry wondering will I ever lose weight or am I going to be like this forever. I have heard about keto for so long and how people felt the same way as me and lost all the weight. But I always felt it was so much information and I couldn't understand it and it was just hard for me to sit down, focus and read about it so id just give up before trying. Finally for the past few days after years of seeing all of these success stories everywhere, wishing it was me and knowing how long Ive been struggling with weight and wishing me I made myself sit down hours a day and really read about it and I think I understand a lot of things far as what to eat, what not to eat, what Keto is etc but I still am not sure about a few things and hoping that someone can help. One thing Im not sure about is my Macros I dont even know if I calculated it right or if the stats it gave me is correct. it says 1534 daily calories, 20g carbs, 97g protien and 118g fat. Im a 22 year old 5'4/5'5 woman weighing 320 pounds. Im also stuck because although Im a big girl I never really looked my weight. Usually people are shocked im 300+. I look more to be in the lower or mid 200's. I was wondering does that calculation apply to someone like me also who doesn't exactly look my weight but is still fat? Also I have no idea about calorie counting or counting the carbs protein and fat. how the heck do I count it. I know on the back of the box it tells you but I dont know if the numbers are for the entire box or just for a certain amount. I also read its important to keep your salt, potassium and magnesium levels up so I was wondering how to I incorporate that into the diet? and just any info or tips anyone can give me would mean the world to me. crossing my fingers someone will respond. Thank you for your time.

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