2020: Don't be open, don't be friendly, just always be verifiable.

when you're the one who decided

Call it caring or call it OCD. :/

in an age when text, images and even video can easily be falsified

You can verify by corroboration. It's much less likely for entire team to mislead than a single individual. And even just referencing specific incidents that are corroborable can alleviate trust issue because committing to a lie implies threat of outing. Boats could say that his entire team witnessed them harrasing members in a specific way and everyone would be fine with bans. Instead I don't know if he banned those people because they +1'd pull request on gitter which he took as harassment and everyone is playing ball because they don't wanna more drama, except those people are banned for seemingly no good reason and we have bigger problem and maybe it was a mistake going to rust if this stuff is going on. Because that what that explosion looked like from outside.

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