2020 Ghostbusters Teaser

My issue is that this trailer is from "Yes Have Some". What was wrong with all the others? This is not the first time this trailer has been posted. Come on, we know this to be true. So why is this one the "good one" and all the other ones "the banned"? I know it's hard to run a subreddit, but shouldn't first be first? If first isn't priority, why this one? Why isn't it clear? Why priority for "Yes Have Some"?

And as for you, specifically, it's not about trailers. It's about how you dominate this subreddit. You can't deny that. No submitter has nearly as many successful posts. You are /r/movies. And that's why you are dangerous. Movies are a multi-billion dollar business. The second biggest entertainment business. And you have a significant chunk of how reddit sees movies. And reddit is the "Front Page of the Internet". I'd buy you. I'd buy you so hard. You are too valuable not to be bought. You are Hollywood's channel to "The Front Page of the Internet". How the fuck do you not buy that?

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