2021 F1 driver rankings #1: Max Verstappen

Verstappen's to Perez this season was 0.5% IIRC. We're talking a 0.3% gap ON TOP of VER to PER.

It was more like ~0.7%+ based on context if we look at pure pace in qualifying. Verstappen was 0.432s faster in Bahrain compared to Perez's deleted lap time; 7 tenths faster in Portugal (Max's deleted lap for track limits which actually cost him time); would've been 3-5 tenths quicker in Imola if he hadn't lost it in the grass; lost 3 tenths in Zandvoort quali due to DRS failure and gear glitch mid-lap; didn't participate in Russia quali due to engine change; RB got Max's tyres wrong in Mexico Q3 and Max slid everywhere (would've pulled 0.5s or more without that on Perez); Verstappen's DRS was faulty again in Brazil quali which cost him a ton of time (before that he was half a second faster than Perez); and in Jeddah, Max was 9 tenths quicker than Perez when they both were on mediums in Q2, Perez then put softs on in order to not get knocked out of Q2, so the gap was reduced.

Max was also 0.75% average faster than Gasly in 2019, and Gasly was one of the fastest qualifiers on the grid in 2021. Max was 0.65% faster than Albon. Albon is considered one of the fastest karting drivers ever and also out-qualified Charles Leclerc in GP3 2016 as teammates, they were both in their 1st season.

Hamilton was only 0.311% faster than Button in 2012 (which is considered to be Hamilton's best year in qualifying), and Button was out-qualified by Perez the very next season despite Perez being new to McLaren, by 0.006%. That leaves prime Hamilton around 0.3% ahead of Perez in qualifying.

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