2021 Mazda 3 Finally Getting Turbo Engine for Much-Needed Zoom-Zoom

The argument isn't that manual don't exist (thought their numbers are dwindling every day).

And anyway, what's left are not all that desirable. The Alltrack/Sportwagen is gone (I don't see a manual available on the Sportwagen in SEL on VW's site, cargurus shows 5 manuals nationwide, all S trim), hatchbacks aren't everyone's cup of tea, a WRX is fugly and rattly inside, an Accord is a dad mobile. Instead something like an A4 wagon would be great but BMW and Audi have killed most of their manuals, so I don't agree with your assessment that it's a great time to be alive for a stickshift driver.

Maybe if Mazda release a manual 6 wagon, we'll have something to talk about.

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