2021 was the year I decided to change my life, so I took a progress picture every day | I lost 100lbs and gained muscles from a very strict diet and a lot of exercise.

I think the whole diet soda thing always get blown out of proportion when it comes to weight loss. Its always a "Its going to make you gain weight" faction vs "There is no effect at all" group. Obviously everyone is different and while I feel that it does cause me to have an increase in appetite between meals its not overbearing to where I can't fight the urge.

Did you noticed any changes in your hunger if you had periods of not drinking diet soda vs drinking?

Also congrats! I went from 275lb to 200lb back in my late 20's and didn't have any extra skin, but after my pandemic weight gain back to 275lb's I am worried about the extra skin now that I am 35 as well. Your results are only making me want to hit the gym harder. Thanks for posting!

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