In 2025, who will be a higher ranked? Ronnie O'Sullivan or Mark Selby?

but as we all know with time on Ronnie's side compared to Mark


Mark and Ronnie both are patient to engage in safety battles for hours and hours. This suits ROS

Sorry but that's ridiculous, Ronnie himself would vehemently disagree with you

I see very little chance of Ronnie being higher ranked than Selby at that point. Even now he's quite a bit behind and he has 500k coming off his points in April so he'll be even further behind. And considering how he picks and chooses events, he just won't be able to amass the ranking points to surpass Selby who enters most events.

Also I'm not sure where these ranking points to get above Selby would even come from anyway, considering he hasn't won a ranking event in over a year and before that Worlds win he hadn't won a ranking event for over a year too (2019 Tour Championship > 2020 Worlds> current drought)

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