By 2050, many U.S. cities will have weather like they’ve never seen - New York, San Francisco, and Washington are among the 17 U.S. cities that will soon face unprecedented weather.

Don't worry. It's not like everyone outside New Zealand with half a brain cell doesn't see what the ultra wealthy are doing there. Once enough states around the globe start to fail and the civil unrest becomes bad enough... one bitter group or anther will drop a few thermo-nuclear weapons on New Zealand just out of resentment and spite.

This is why the Billionaire fantasy about running the world into the ground and collapsing western civilization then escaping to New Zealand fantasy is so ridiculous. It is just a fantasy they tell themselves so they can believe they are fk'n over everyone but themselves and that their fk you I got mind mode of operation isn't going to lead to personal consequences for them and their families.

Honestly. New Zealand isn't a big place and there will be plenty of people in the rest of the world who eventually realize who is ultimately responsible and prioritized their own shortsighted personal accumulation of wealth over everything else then tried to escape all personal consequences. If nuclear armed nations in North America, Europe, or Asia have their governments collapse there will be the means for such groups of people looking to enact vigilante justice on those who robbed them and their families of a future. Even without military WMDs there is also people who work in the fields of biology, virology, and other sciences who would be just as fk'd over as anyone who isn't ultra wealthy, out of work, and just as vulnerable as anyone else who feels robbed of a future to becoming radicalized.

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