I (20F) found explicit photos of my friends on BF's (19M) phone

everyone has different boundaries and stuff and I’m not gonna try and act like I know everything about your relationship from one post

But I don’t think he’s doing anything crazy wrong in this scenario. Maybe a little weird saving pics of your friend but also It’s a bit much to expect in a relationship that your partner is gonna stop finding other people attractive or they’re gonna stop looking just bc they’re with you. I don’t think it’s disrespectful to have pictures of other people he doesn’t know from their social media. But again you feel how you feel. If you’re not comfortable with keeping that relationship bc of that be honest about him and it’ll be better for both of you maybe if you don’t continue it

Keeping a NSFW vid of a girl he talked to three years ago when he’s only 19 now is kinda sus though lmao just in a moral sense

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