[20m] lost weight and started seeing women but now reject intimacy.

I agree that you should look into therapy and get some help.

But to offer a contrary perspective to everyone's taking it slow approach, I'd say just go for it.

I came from a similar place, had severely crippling cystic acne that scarred my face and destroyed my self esteem.

I got into fitness and that raised my self esteem, but I didn't start dating until i was 24. I started talking to a girl, and then just went for it, and after that first date i realized that it was a lot easier than what my imagination had created in my head.

You said you have multiple women attracted to you, pick one and just ask her on a date. It might not be a good date, you might get nowhere, but at least you tried. Pick another one after and try again. You'll strike out plenty, but you'll learn each time.

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