21 [M4F] So Cal - Truth or Truth?

On 10/28/15, at 6:59 PM, Mexican wrote:

what porn you into?

On 10/28/15, at 7:00 PM, Rachel wrote:

you might not believe me, but i don’t really watch too much i just load up /r/nsfw_gif and go for it

On 10/28/15, at 7:00 PM, Mexican wrote:

do you do the holy combo?

On 10/28/15, at 7:00 PM, Rachel wrote:

if that’s what you call it… yup (cool)

On 10/28/15, at 7:00 PM, Mexican wrote:

a true redditor what's the most awkward thing that has gotten you going?

On 10/28/15, at 7:03 PM, Rachel wrote:

i always find those overly-fake porn story lines to be awkward there was this one i clicked on /r/nsfw_gif that was about a woman and her dad’s friend they were all older porn start *stars but the idea of it was weird as hell LOL

On 10/28/15, at 7:04 PM, Mexican wrote:

really? like in real life sure but porn is porn my friend was telling me once about the weirdest shit he jerked off to and it gave me a temporary fetish to see what the weirdest stuff i could get off to would be and let me tell you i did a pretty good job

On 10/28/15, at 7:05 PM, Rachel wrote:

i find all of the over done stories to be awkward.. all of the cheesy plumber/handyman pornos and stuff hahaha! tell me!

On 10/28/15, at 7:05 PM, Mexican wrote:

no this was way better than that stuff okay so he told me his and i tried to find it but i couldn't I don't remember details but i ran into this video titled "duck laying eyes" and it caught my eye with this asain lady in a duck outfit for like halloween *chicken or someshit i don't remember i think it was a duck but anyways to start the video she comes on screen and i think she's making duck noises then she gets fucked in the ass by this guy then she lays an egg like made of marble and it made a huge thump sound when it ground and i came from the noise do i dare say it?

On 10/28/15, at 7:23 PM, Rachel wrote:

oh MAN

On 10/28/15, at 7:24 PM, Mexican wrote:

I FOUND THE VIDEO but she doesn't get meat in the pooper it's just a big tease video of when the egg is going to come out but still soo awkward it's good

On 10/28/15, at 7:25 PM, Rachel wrote:

you fouuuund the video now you have something to look forward to tonight! :> :> :>

On 10/28/15, at 7:26 PM, Mexican wrote:

I already enjoyed it why do you think i didn't say anything for five minutes ? ;) i kinda want you to see the video or at least hear the sound the egg makes when it hits the ground

On 10/28/15, at 7:29 PM, Rachel wrote:

currently i am eating dinner and i didn’t say anything for a lil bit earlier because i was getting it all together

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