21-Year-Old Left With $93k Hospital Bill After Attempting Suicide

So the problem is government and you want government in even more of our healthcare?

I've lived overseas and I absolutely favor universal healthcare in those places. It's 10 times better than our system. It's amazing. $100 a month ($50 me, $50 employer) for no deductible health coverage, dental coverage, and free medications. Incredible.

BUT I don't trust that our government can run a program like that. We'll end up with stuff like that 3 day medicare thing everywhere.

75% of Americans support universal medicare. Yet, we don't have universal medicare. We already pay more taxes on healthcare per capita than any country in the world except Norway; yet we don't have universal healthcare coverage. So, just how bad would it be if we expanded government healthcare to EVERYONE?? That's how our government works in a nutshell: it doesn't work for the people. So, I don't want to give away even more of my healthcare to it.

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