I (21F) had an awkward sexual experience. Was it normal or common?

Wow I am so happy I am not in the dating game anymore, this just sounds terrible.

This morning my wife gave me a BJ, like she does most mornings. It took her probably 4 seconds to finish the job, which is faster than my average of 10 seconds. Why would I feel bad about that? When she gives a BJ I don't try and hold out, I relax and let it happen. Why would I want her to have to work for longer?

When we have sex I can focus and go as long as it is necessary to get her off. Our sex is great, but it's not the same as a BJ where I get to lie back in total relaxation and let her take control. Sure I could last longer, but why would I want to exert mental energy to control it when it just means more work for my wife?

I just don't understand how this is a problem at all, unless it is just that he didn't return the favor in which case I am sure he'd have been happy to if you could help him get over the embarrassment.

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