I (21f) started feeling pain during sex and told my boyfriend (23m) to stop multiple times. He kept going until he finished. My friend says it’s rape, and I don’t know what to do now.

Consent isn't forever, saying yes, then no, is still no.

I wouldn't be surprised to find your boyfriend does not feel like he was raping you, didn't want to rape you, and was just being stupidly selfish and decided you'd be okay with him finishing even if you wanted to stop. He is simply wrong.

it's up to you decide to judge his intentions behind it, but to put it simply, if you feel like you was raped, you was raped.

I'm not defending him here, just trying to explain why he might not be a monster. In the moment he would be a different person, and very clearly got carried away, and raped you.

I wouldn't judge you for forgiving him this ONE time, after talking with him, getting to realize that what he did was rape. If he doesn't see this, that's when you have a real problem.

I wouldn't judge you for taking it further and going to the police, before or after this.

I'm trying to both help you feel validated in your feelings like you were violated, but also help you feel validated in your feelings that you don't quite feel like it was rape due to the relationship you have with him and that he's not done anything to make you feel uncomfortable in the past.

People will want to get out their pitch forks here, but in the end only you can decide what kind of person he is and if this was just a COLOSSAL fuck up where he let sex really take control of him.

The last question is, can you forgive him for raping you taking into account the circumstances.

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