21F Virgin

You know how sometimes when you want to find out more about someone, you google search them and see if you can find some information about them, maybe stumble onto some old social media page or even forum posts of theirs? Maybe you type in your friend Bob Parker on google and you ultimately find his reddit posts.

Here's what you should do, you should make your reddit account to where you purposefully make it easy for someone who knows you in real life to find you. You could post your reddit account to your Facebook page, you could tell people you're going to advertise the club you're in on the college subreddit so they will know it's you, you could even just straight up make your reddit username the same as your first and last name.

And then just straight up make virginity posts like this. Think about it, maybe there's this guy who secretly has a crush on you and he finds your reddit posts about you complaining about being a virgin and wanting to have sex, the guy will be like "Sweet, i'm going to pursue her"

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