I (22 F) got left at the alter a week ago yesterday. Now my ex fiance (26 M) wants to to apologize in person.

The amount of people in this thread wishing legitimate pain upon a person who was obviously scared, confused, and in denial is fucking insane.

Did he do a shitty thing? Absolutely. Did he do a shitty thing in possibly the shittiest way possible? For sure. I'd even say that chances are this is more for him than you, so he can clear his own conscience.

But the amount of pure, unadulterated hatred tied with assumptions about this person is beyond insane. This type of knee-jerk hatred is why this sub is so commonly caricatured as "LEAVE IMMEDIATELY AND TAKE EVERYTHING" on the rest of the site.

OP, you don't owe him anything. If you want more time before meeting, take it. If you never want to meet, then don't. I'll agree with a few others that it may be wise to seek counseling to help get your mind in order first. But the petty 'revenge' present in some of the comments is something I'd stay away from, for your own sake. Actively spending more time hating this person than you may do naturally isn't going to be helpful or healthy.

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