I (22 F) went to a bar the other night, got too drunk and got into a bad situation, now I’m scared to tell my boyfriend (23 M)

I agree that as women we always have to be aware that some people want to rape us, but it isn't real advice and certainly not the advice OP asked for. If anything it just reinforces that the fault is on the person who was assaulted rather than the one who abused them while simultaneously not allowing the survivor to cope. We live in fear because of these reactions and mindsets.

There's not a damn thing wrong with going out by yourself and drinking as much as you want to. I have no idea why this would be relationship advice. If you don't like women who drink then don't date one but most mature, empathetic, trusting people wouldn't give their SO a curfew. Women have rights to public spaces as much as men do.

And before you argue, but you shouldn't get that drunk, almost everyone has mistakenly drank too much. Haven't you? Now does that give someone a right to assault you?

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