22 F4M #Toronto - First time RAOBJ

Well hello there. Hopefully I'm not too late. And if I am, then I hope that my story will entice you to consider me for future thrills lol. Let me know what you think... We meet in a mall. A public place. A safe place. A place where nothing can go wrong and everything is in your hands. I'm at the food court waiting for a passion tea lemonade from Starbucks. We agreed where to meet and when to meet but the last message I got from you said you'll be lookin for me. It was exciting. Being the prey after years of hunting has its eye openings. You planned to surprise me and teach me some new things. I get my tea and turn around to catch your eyes staring at mine as I take a step back and appreciate your beauty. We weren't planning on shopping but you wanted an outfit for the weekend so we wondered thru the mall trying hard not to touch each other. From store to store you dragged me till you found just the one that sells perfect little dresses. We walk in and the uptight sales lady ignores us as browse around. I find you something short and pretty. You find something shorter. The sales lady is dealing with what seems to be a very important client because she doesn't even hesitate to unlock the dresser for you with me in the back room. You go in the dresser. Surround by mirrors you realise how sexy you look as you remove your clothes and slip into what I picked. You walk out and do a catwalk. My jaw is to the ground as you pick it up on your way back to the change room. You remove the little dress I picked and you remove your bra and panties letting your breasts feel the crisp air of the store firming your nipples and making them hard. Your pussy enjoys the breeze and you run your fingers just by your lips because the sexy ness in the mirror just can't resist. You put on the next dress and call me over to zip you up. As I come to the change room I notice your panties in the floor. Your back to me you lift your hair so I can zip you up. I take a step back and give you space to move and walk the sales lady checks on gus but can't be bothered to what were doing. We're all the way in the back of the store. I try to unzip your dress as you push your hard ass against my waist and feel my cock harden thru my trackpants. I apologise for the erection but you only pull me closer. You turn around and push your pussy on my dick as you wrap your hands around me and kiss me as I'm trying to pull you out of the dress. I get it past your breasts and stop to suck on your nipples as you pull the rest of the dress down. You pulling on my cock through my pants as I'm kissing your tits and rubbing your pussy. I feel your warmth swallow my fingers and you decide it's time for me to enter your wet warmth. You put one leg up on the chair and pull my hips towards you. As you grab my shaft and guide my head into your pussy. Your warmth covers me instantly as you push it in as far as you can take it. We're trying not to make noise as you're begging for more. You slip it out and bend over and proceed to stuff that cock in your pussy. Mmm I'm so hard right now just thinking about entering you from behind. Grabbing your ass cheeks and pulling you in by your hips while tugging your hair. I see your breasts bouncing with each stride in you I take. I feel your ass hole loosen up and I slide in my thumb as I squeeze your ass. With a slight moan I feel your legs trembling from the knees down. Your warm wet pussy suddenly gushes your warm cum all over my cock. You take my dick out turn around and on your knees you proceed to gag as you taste the sweet juice your pussy just left on me. Tears in your eyes as you look up at me and I cum hard and you cough and choke a bit and spit on my dick. We wipe ourselves clean with the dresses and you get dressed and we get the eff out of that store. Lol The end for now. P.s I do have pics I'm willing to share but first I'd like to ensure your real :) but to make it brief. 30 years old white male. European background. Respectful. Easy going. Pretty good looking but not cocky unless need to be. I'll answer and ask more if we get to chat.

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