22 year old virgin big oof

Man I hate orbiters or whatever you call them. People say being a virgin isn’t a bad thing, which it’s not at all, but in practice it’s usually what leads to this desperate clinging. This belief that you have found true love but can’t obtain it, when the reality is you are just desperate to finally land someone, -anyone.

Orbiters often later try to sabotage their targets relationships. Either lying about themselves or their targets partner, or overplaying issues they have, like most of the people on r/relationshipadvice

Tip: if a friend is overly close to you, but you notice they never HELP when you and your partner have issues, they never mention how you can work things out or encourage you to talk to your partner, but instead go on and on about how shitty they are and they show no respect for your relationship and the good parts about it..

It’s and orbiter. Not a friend.

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