220530 LE SSERAFIM Weekly Discussion Thread

wth are you wondering about dude... no artist would ever win defame case. you said it yourself even JYP lose. let me give you one better, i.e lovelyz Jisoo. literally the one that accuse her of allegation not even a real girl bcs "she" was actually middle age man and Jisoo still lose the case.

so stop stalking about "even if HYBE win" bcs they wil never win it.

And i will tell you why it happen to every artist defame case. the court has stipulated that "citizen should be free to talk about artist, and artist on the other hand should be able to handle that interest to a degree" <<< this shit here in other word mean that ordinary people has the freedom to talk good/shit about artist, and artist should just suck it all up coz it their job.

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