I [22F] feel like all my SO [26M] and I do is argue about chores and sleep in the same bed. I'm not sure if our problems are because we just don't care for each other anymore, or if it's our opposing schedules.

Start doing things together.

Cook together. It takes 5 minutes to make really good hamburgers or lemon chicken or beef and broccoli or whatever. I don't know what the hell you're doing every day that you need to start dinner hours before he gets home.

Eat together. Unless you have no lower jaw and have to process everything through a straw there's no reason you can't take 10 minutes to sit down and play footsie while you eat. Eating together is great because if you're doing it right you can't argue, you're too busy eating.

Clean up after dinner together. Nobody goes back to studying or whatever until the dishes are all done. If the laundry needs doing, do it together. If the floor needs to be cleaned, do it together. If the bathroom needs cleaning, you do the tub while he does the shitter. Etc...

There, no more arguing about chores because you both do them together. More time spent together building sexual tension as you do the laundry in your underwear. More everything that's awesome.

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