I (22F) haven't shaved my legs since quarantine started but now I know I can sleep at night safe from Ed

99% of people bashing Ed are:

females triggered by fact that even shitty guy as Ed can import young 7/8 rated girl. Really threatening their narrative ignoring the obvious fact they like to ridicule: youth is attractive, you hit the wall after 30s, women's value not based on appearance etc.

Asian rascist having easy target really fitting into common image of older sub-average guy dating poor asian guy.

I don't defend Ed. He is horrible, his appearance is one thing, his retarded behavior another one. But let's be honest, she is giving him hard time treatment and if he wasn't loser, he would just left.

Questioning woman's past is obviously taboo but no one wants to marry a slut. That's what triggered all those feminist cause the narrative is that f-count doesn't matter. Yeah, it doesn't matter but you're not a marriage material. Period.

Asking to shave legs is matter of preferences, if you insist on your unshaved hooves, okay, but man with opportunities will say bye. Not shaving legs is already red flag and signals not being interested in looking attractive, not having sex. Healthy man will say bye.

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