23+ Discord Accounts Disabled At The Same Time (For No Given Reason)

I also thought a bot as a possibility as well, but from what I've been told, Discord employees claim to not have automated banning (but I'm not so sure after this). One of the users asked them for information on Twitter and haven't received a response in quite a few hours, thanks for the suggestion though. I will say, even if the server were a bunch of alt-right people, I'm not sure that banning a group of 30 people from discord for being such is really accomplishing anything. A relatively large Discord server with a bunch of neo-nazi's that are verbally (or typing) plans to do any sort of violence or anything like that, I could understand. But in that case a shut-down of the server and banning of particular accounts (or warnings) seems more sensible. I don't personally agree with witch-hunting particular groups of people, regardless how out-there their views may be. As long as they are in their own little bubble and not saying things involving planning to affect the rights of others, I don't see anything wrong with them swimming in their own filth, so to speak.

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