23[F4R] US/Anywhere - Looking for a friend or someone to talk to.

Hey! I'm a 22 year old male looking for a friend.

I love reading, gaming and listening to music. (Although recently, I've been running out of games to enjoy xD). I also love audiobooks and podcasts, especially when I'm driving. I also watch a bunch of TV shows and movies. I'm in my final year for my BBA. I've actually opted for a summer semester just so I can graduate ASAP.

I'm a great listener. I'm usually a shy person however once I get to know the person, the shyness fades away. I'm on the chubby side too but I've started going to the gym recently. I have several friends, but I need that "one" friend that I can share everything with.

Thanks for posting this. I hope I get a message from you or I hope you find someone to talk to. Either ways, I'm happy.

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