23/m/US -the end is near.

Hey, if you are considering suicide you should really try and at least give it chance to apply for help. If it doesn't help it could hardly get any worse..

I am in no way qualified to help you.. but I can tell you this. We might have been bullied for the majority of our time in school, All we can do about it is to forgive them and make their power over us disappear.

We've also had people on the internet been mean. But who hasn't? People on the internet are trolls and we shouldn't allow them to dictate our lives. Why would we ever allow people like that to tell us what to belive about ourselfs.

I've had my heart broken in such a way that I am not certain that it will ever heal. After that I suffered badly. But I refuse to allow that break me down.

If you want to end it. I get it. Been there. But honestly if you do that you are only giving in to them, and you allow the bullies to win. And I am 100% certain that the world WILL be a darker place if you do.

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