23 year old falls for scam even though there's a million red flags.

This can't be a cringe. I know some people who absolutely respect authority and try to break no rules. When presented with things like it is understandably nerve wrecking. Heck even if you do take note of all the things you've done 10 years back just to make sure you stay clean, you might get a shock of your life when the scammer manages to present you with personal data you wouldn't expect anybody else would know just to show his/her credibility.

Tip: If whoever tries to use whatever agency/department name to scare you over the phone with distracting statements, calm down and say "Okay I will visit your office (the actual legit one) to follow up with this issue." The last time I did this was to a scammer trying to threaten me saying that an illegal credit card (my name on it along with my personal ID mentioned, accurately) transaction was made. Mind you I don't even have a credit card. I was like, "I see, no worries I'll check with the central bank."

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