I [23F] am 4.5 months into a 10-month au pair job. I'm extremely homesick and don't know whether it's worth staying.

If you go home I don't think you're a failure if you've learned something about yourself and the way you want to live in the world. Okay, you may be an nsuccessful European au pair of you repeatedly break the kids lol.

I went on an extended project for work in another country. I had a good bit of downtime. I did all of the tourist, museamy, and culturally things that I could do.

I did something silly which you may want to consider. I made a.folding cardboard cutout of my girlfriend and took pictures of"us" everywhere I went. It was fun because not only would people laugh, I mean really laugh, they would offer to take pictures of us. Others that were there solo chatted with me over coffee or whatever. A co-worker that was in yet another country did the same but with a stuffed animal. She took photos kidnapping style holding up a newspaper and had a sign around the bear's neck that said please don't pay the ransom.

I believe you said you wanted this to be a good experience in your life. If it sucks then it sucks and you need to take care of yourself and head home. If my silly idea, or your own, sounds in a little bit funyou and taken as much as you can.

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