I (23F) feel like I hate my bf (41M)

Okay like for example today, I was driving from an hour away to get something for him!!! And it was pouring rain and my windshield wipers stopped working, I started panicking because it was pouring I couldn’t see and I called him too come get me of course he was at work but honestly I was like come get me I don’t give a fuck what work says so he comes and he was not in a good mood which made me super mad cuz like it’s me and your child. Anyways he made a huge deal about me calling a tow truck when in my eyes I felt like that was the best thing to do. He got all pissed off and was like I was gonna drive it home (mind you it’s pouring and my windshield wipers stopped they just won’t work) and I said no it’s my car and I want it too be towed (also free from my insurance so it’s not like it’s gonna cost us money) so we are waiting in his car for the tow truck and I felt like I had to explain myself to him because he got all butthurt like I was just gonna drive it home in the rain blah blah okay. So the tow truck pulls up and I get out too give him my keys and my bf jumps out and says “ I was gonna drive it, but it’s started raining real bad again” like bitch what?! You didn’t say that earlier! Idk it just pissed me off

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