... that was smooth... Already shotgunning JD. You're lucky I'm a big turk fan.

Honestly I'm not really sure what I would prefer. I like the idea of emailing/reddit because I'm always skeptical with postmen... but maybe down the line I could be persuaded to go traditional and possibly even send on little local-trinkety type stuff! What are your thoughts?

Tell me a bit about yourself, by the way! I don't know if we can be penpals if you can't give me a great story right off the bat. To keep it fair, I'll tell you the story of a funny incident in New Zealand when I travelled there with my friend a few years back!

------The Story of My Friends Really Shit Luck -------

So its the morning after the night before. It's the middle of summer, but NZ is notorious for keeping brisk on some days, especially up in the mountains where we were. We were all madly hungover from a big night, but we knew we had to shake it off as we had a great day of activities planned! First up, bungee jumping! If you've never been - its f**king aweful. It scared the pants off of me. But it was still amazing. I have very conflicted emotions about it...

Anyway, this is the jump we decided to do. I was last in line, so I had the great time of watching freak out. I realise I'm rabbling on so I'll hurry up. It's my friends turn, and he stands up to the edge of the bungee and jumps. All well and good, just the regular goofy scream on the way down. When he was up though.. it turns out all the alcohol he had from the previous night thinned his blood out so much that he popped a blood vessel in his eye at teh bottom of the jump!!! It was so so freaky. He had this one red eye, but it didn't hurt so he was really casually looking deep in to your soul with it.

Next up, we went white water rafting. I was in a boat at the front of the river, my two friends in a few boats back. (We were split up for no apparent reason). We're halfway through the rapids, when our guide pulls over to the left of the river as apparently a boat flipped. (Can you guess where this is going?) Some more boats pulled up and you see another fall down with people all clinging on to it. Oh and then there was this one red helmet bobbing down. Some poor bugger went down this rapid and was pushed right under. They were screaming and paddling as hard as they could to get to the rest of the boats but the current was too strong. As he got closer to me, I noticed it was my friend... Probably not the nicest thing to have done but I had a really brief chuckle. He missed my paddle that I held out to grab him, and zoomed away down the river.

He's all good though - someone came to grab him in a canoe. Oh and then that night he ended up flirting with this manly woman. Turns out she was a he. Pretty unlucky day for him.

Anyway. Sorry about the tangent. Look forward to hearing from you!

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