24 year old male introvert no social circle anymore - options?

It's hard man. I'm approaching my late 20's. I'm lucky to still have friends living around town that I met in my childhood or in university, but as time goes by they all start having kids and work schedules get in the way. I'm lucky to see them once a month.

You really don't see it at the time, but your early 20's while in college/university are your last hoorah for making easy friends. As you get older and further removed, it gets harder.

You won't be able to do it if you don't find the motivation to leave your house and put yourself out there. It's gunna be uncomfortable but you'd best do it if you want your situation to change

Find somewhere to volunteer that a lot of people around your age are involved in. Years ago I was super shy but I got my ass to a St. John Ambulance meeting and became a volunteer medical responder at community events, met all kinds of cool people and got to see free concerts to boot.

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